Backtrack Guide

Backtrack is a Linux and some beginner user of the Linux operating system very difficulty to operate it. Linux does't like Windows, using Linux mean you must use CLI or command line as the way of operating it although you can use GUI too. But Linux more power full when you use it trough the terminal. As a penetration distribution, Backtrack has hundreds of security tools and you know what? Almost of the hundreds of tools used console to operating it self.

But if you a Linux user, using Backtrack isn't a problem anymore. But if you a beginner of Linux and Backtrack you can learn the guide of Backtrack on the Backtrack Wiki. Backtrack Wiki is a guide how to use Backtrack Linux Operating System.

You can visit and start learn the basic operational of Backtrack. So what are you waiting for? Lets read The Ninjas Guide of Back|Track.

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