Solve Blank Screen when Using Startx

When Backtrack 5 released, the most common issue is blank screen when using startx command to start the GUI mode. This common issue caused the VGA on some machine doesn't support. This blank screen issue still found on Backtrack 5 R1 and Backtrack R2. Long time ago when I install Backtrack 5 this problem disappointed me but it's still to fix.

When Backtrack 5 R1 released and I install it on my notebook the blank screen issue has been disappear, but I found this issue on Backtrack 5 R2 when I install it.
But don't worry, same issue has same solution. The simple thing to do is add some code to the Grub option.

1. If this bug appear when you are using Backtrack 5 R2 Live USB you can press "Tab" button on the boot option menu and this code "i915.modeset=1" after "vga = 791 splash text" and the press [enter]

2. If you run Backtrack 5 R2 on Live USB and there's no a problem but after you install it this problem annoying you, you can add the same code on the Grub configuration. You can edit Grub configuration on /boot/grub/grub.cfg and find the Backtrack boot menu and add this code "i915.modeset=1" (same as before) after "vga = 791 splash text".

I guarantee you that the blank screen should be solved because it's word for me.


If this above solution can't solve your problem maybe you must read Blank Screen Backtrack 5 [NVIDIA] and Blank Screen on Backtrack 5 when Using Startx [Intel]
Hope you solve it

2 Responses to "Solve Blank Screen when Using Startx"

  1. I am trying to install BT5R3 on virtual machine, i changed the command also but the same black screen.
    wat can be done in this case??