How to Install Google Chrome on Backtrack 5

Google Chrome is an alternative web browser beside Mozilla Firefox. It's free and open source. But the problem Google Chrome on Backtrack 5 is Google Chrome can't run in root mode. We know that Backtrack run the root mode by default. If you run the Google Chrome it won't work. So if you want to install and run Google Chrome in root this is the tutorial.

Download the Google Chrome first

apt-get install chromium-browser

Access the Chrome directory

cd /usr/lib/chromium-browser

And here we go, open chromium-browser with hexaedit to edit the hexa code of chromium-browser

hexedit chromium-browser

Search for geteuid and replace with getppid. Press TAB and search (CTRL+S) for geteuid and change it to getppid and press CTRL+X. Try to run the Google Chrome. I hope it will work ;-)

6 Responses to "How to Install Google Chrome on Backtrack 5"

  1. I cant open cd /usr/lib/chromium-browser say directory not found could you help please I did get past step one and it installed chromium

    1. If you are using Backtrack 5 R3 you can try this:
      open /usr/bin/google-chrome with text editor(gedit or nano) and add –user-data-dir to the end of the line.

  2. Thank you I will try this I am still running Back Track 1

  3. Thanks bro,,,,, salam Indonesia :)

  4. it's a chromium browser, not google chrome..