Backtrack 5 Common Commands [Basic]

Backtrack 5 build under Linux machine so the commands is same as the other Linux OS (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint, etc). If you are using Linux before you won't difficulty using Backtrack 5. But if you are a newbie / beginner on Linux world and want learn about Backtrack here are some help for me, the Backtrack 5 Basic Command.
The default username and password of Backtrack is root/toor but if you want to change the password you can run this command and type your new password.


Now the common commands of installing a program

apt-get install <package>

Downloads <package> and all of its dependencies, and installs them.

apt-get remove [--purge] <package>

Removes <package> and any packages that depend on it.

apt-get update

Updates packages listings from the repo.

apt-get upgrade

Upgrades all currently installed packages.

apt-get dist-upgrade [-u]

Similar to apt-get upgrade, except that dist-upgrade will install or remove packages to satisfy dependencies.

apt-cache search <pattern>

Searches packages and descriptions.

apt-cache show <package>

Shows the full description about the package.

apt-cache showpkg <package>

Shows a lot more detail about package.

man apt

Give more info on these commands. Man command shows the manual page of command

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