How to Install Package on Backtrack 5

After I post about Backtrack 5 Basic Common Commands now I will share about basic commands about installing package. We can install package from repository or install it manually (if you downloaded the package). If the application available on the Backtrack repo, you just install it with the apt commands but if the package not listed on the repo you must download it and install it manually (use dpkg command). Here are the basic commands
apt basic commands can find on my post before Backtrack 5 Basic Common Commands and the dpkg basic command I listed below

dpkg -i <package.deb>

Installs a package file

dpkg -c <package.deb>

Lists the contents of <package.deb>

dpkg -I <package.deb>

Extracts package information

dpkg -r <package>

Removes an installed package

dpkg -P <package>

Purges an installed package (purge will deletes all configuration files)

dpkg -L <package>

Gives a listing of all the files installed by <package>

dpkg -s <package>

Shows information on the installed package

dpkg-reconfigure <package>

Reconfigures an installed package

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