How to Install Wordpress on Backtrack 5

Wordpress is an open source CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP and MySQL. Wordpress is most popular CMS that used by over thousands website in the internet. Wordpress is an open source CMS so we can download it FREE. Installing Wordpress locally need web server application but don't worry Backtrack 5 has been planted an web server application (apache) so we just install and configure Wordpress. How to install Wordpress on Backtrack 5? This is the tutorial

First download the Wordpress CMS from and extract to /var/www
Then run the web server, go to Applications >> Backtrack >> Services >> HTTPD >> MYSQLD
Then open your Terminal and run MySQL to create new database for Wordpress. Here is the code and enter your MySQL password after run this code

mysql -u root -p

Then run this query to create new database named wordpress


Now your database has been created. The next step is open localhost/wordpress on your web browser. Then configure the Wordpress database connection. Fill the form with database name that will used for Wordpress and MySQL username & password (left the password form blank if you use default password of MySQL). It will be like this

Database Name : wordpress
User Name : root
Password :
Database Host : localhost
Table Prefix : wp_
Follow the rest configuration of Wordpress and done. Hope you like it

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