BackBox Linux 3 Released

BackBox is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. BackBox Linux 3 is an alternative of Backtrack 5 R3. This has been created to execute penetration testing and also security assessments. Built to be fast, user friendly and still provide a small yet complete desktop environment, its software repositories slways being updated to the latest stable version of the most used and also best known ethical hacking tools.

The BackBox team is certainly very happy to announce the major release of BackBox Linux 3. This release include features like the new Linux Kernel 3. 2 flower and Xfce 4. 8. In addition to the system major update, almost all auditing tools are updated too.

BackBox Linux project was created in Italia in 2010. The distribution, developed by Raffaele Forte University of Calabria computer engineering college student and security lover, was released in the exact year on September. Now the latest version of BackBox is BackBox Linux 3.

BackBox Linux 3
Pro-actively protect your IT facilities with BackBox. It is the best security solution; offering pen-testing, incident response, computer forensics, and intelligence gathering tools. One of the most present release of BackBox Linux contains the newest software solutions for vulnerability analysis/assessment and also pen-testing. This is one of the lightest/fastest Linux distros out there over the internet.

BackBox Linux 3
If you want to create any kind of change/modification, in an effort to suite for your requirements, or probably put extra equipment that isn't contained in the actual repositories, nothing might be simpler within executing which with BackBox Linux 3. The software packaging process, the settings and also the tweaking in the system follows up the Ubuntu/Debian standard guide lines.

System Requirements

  • 2-bit or 64-bit processor
  • 512 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 4.4 GB of disk space for installation
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • DVD-ROM drive or USB port

Visit to download BackBox Linux 3.

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  1. BackBox 3 definitely has a Minty feel to it,
    i think there will be some pen-testing comparison's between BT5 & BB3,