Create Secure and Strong Password without Password Manager or Generator

Password is a "thing" that keeping your sensitive information protected. But some people use same password in the different system. This is actually not secure password. You must use different password in different system. If you be afraid because forgot your password, you can use password manager to store your password because it can be a password storage. Not only become password protection, a password manager also can be a password generator that generate a strong password for you. So how to create secure and strong password without using password manager or generator? Here is my solution.

create secure and strong password

Why a secure password is important? Because password is a "key" to open your personal information. Like my post before about protecting your Facebook account, I say that create secure password is one of the way to protect your account.

Here are the secure and strong password criterias :

1. Length. Make your passwords long with eight or more characters.

2. Complexity. Use letters, symbols, and numbers to create a password. Don't just use letters or numbers to create a password. 

3. Variety. Don't use the same password for different system.

4. No Personal Information. With social engineering technique, a hacker can find a system password if your password containing your personal information

5. Don't use a word. Brute force technique can break your password if you are using a word as your password. Why? Because a Brute Force software can try passwords one by one from a list. If the list is a list of words, you over.

6. Use a Passphrase. Like change "a" to be "@", for example "password" become "p@ssw0rd"

7. Use Password Manager. Password Manager software can store your password in a secure place or it can generate a secure password for you.

Ok thats all about creating a secure and strong password without using password manager. I hope it's very usefull

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