How to Use Katana USB Boot Security Suite

Katana is a portable multi-boot security suite. It brings lots of security and portable applications that can be run in a USB Flash Drive. There are pentesting,  auditing, forensics, system recovery, network analysis application in Katana bundle. Katana comes with Windows portable application to, such as Wireshark, Nmap, Cain & Abel, etc. Katana can boot from Disk Drive or Flash Drive.

To Install Katana you must have USB Flash Drive 8GB or 4GB that formatted in FAT32 format. Then download Katana from

After you download Katana, extract Katana to the USB flash drive.  example "E:\" (Windows) or "/mount/sdb1" (Linux).

How to Use Katana USB BootMake sure you're in the "boot" directory on the USB device and run the following with Administrative privileges. For Linux/OSX run ./, for Windows run ./bootinst.bat . All done!

This is the list of Katana’s tools:
- Metasploit
- Wireshark
- John the Ripper
- Cain & Abel
- Firefox
- the Unstoppable Copier
- OllyDBG
- Cygwin
- ClamAV
- IECookiesView
- MozillaCacheView
- FreeOTFE
- FindSSN
- The Sleuth Kit
- OpenOffice

How to Use Katana USB Boot Security Suite

How to Use Katana USB Boot Security Suite

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