Basic Skills of Penetration Tester

If you want become a hacker or a penetration tester, you must have basic skill of it. Basic skill of hacker needed so you can be a professional pentester. There are 10 basic skill and you must take over all of them.

1. Expert of operating system.
Operating System is a basic skill of hacking. You must become master in Operating System. So many people want to be a hacker without any knowledge of Operating System. Learn now, learn Unix Operating System. You must know about the OS details so you can find the vulnerability of it.

2. Good knowledge of networking
Networking is a main of hacking art. Learn about networking and network protocols. You must know TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), what is TCP / IP, understand routing, understand of package exchange, how DNS works, understand ARP, understand DHCP, IP address, OSI layer, etc. You must expert on it.

3. "How does it work?"
You must know how something works. Learn the concepts and you can get the answer of your questions about it.

4. Learn basic scripting
Try to learn bash so you can make your own program that will help you. Although bash is a basic scripting in Linux so you must learn it if you want mastering operating system.

5. Basic Firewall
Firewall is annoying "wall". It’s difficulty to defeat. You must find about the firewall details and learn hos to defeat it.

6. Know some forensics
This is optional, but if you learn forensics, it makes you better at covering your tracks.

7. Learn a programming language
You can make a program that will help you to automate something or a Trojan, backdoor, virus, etc.

8. Learn new stuff
Stay up to date about security news and learn something new so you can upgrade yourself.

9. Learn a little about databases
Database is a storage of crucial data. Learn how to operate it and how to hack it.

10. Interact and share your knowledge with like minded professionals
Try to sharing with other hacker to learn what you never learn.

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