Information Gathering Using Domain Name

Hacker can gather lots of information just by identifying a domain name of the website. Yes you are right, Information Gathering Using Domain Name. Domain name is a system where we provide a hostname which is automatically converted into the real IP address, so people don’t need remember the IP address, just the domain name or DNS address. When gathering information from a domain name, the first thing need to do is WHOIS. A domain name stores the information about the registered user of domain name itself, IP address, IP address range, and etc. Not only that, with WHOIS we can get the information about domain’s registrant, his contacts, his address, when the domain will expire, etc.

WHOIS can only reveal basic information, not all of the available information of domain name. Ok lets try using WHOIS to gathering a domain information. Open your Terminal and run the WHOIS program or you can search and use free service of WHOIS in the internet.


Now you get domain name information. There are domain name, registered through, registrant, and domain servers. Usually, WHOIS will return the following information about a domain:
  • Inetnum
    The IP range the address.
  • Route
    The address prefix to be routed.
  • Descr
    A short description of related to the domain.
  • Origin
  • Mnt-by
  • Changed
    The Information about who last updated the database object of domain name.
  • Source
    The database place / source of the registered domain name.
Information Gathering Using Domain Name

And some optional attributes are:
  • Country
    The country of the domain registrant. Two letter code of the country.
  • Holes
    The Lists about address prefixes that are not reachable through the route.
  • Member of
  • Inject
    Specifies which routers perform the aggregation.
  • Aggr-mtd
  • Aggr-bndry
  • Export-comps
  • Components
    The component routes used to form the aggregate.
  • Remarks
  • Notify
    The email address where the notification of updated information will be send. 
  • Mnt-lower
  • Mnt-routes
Remember, not all of the domain name stores its registrant data. Some of domain are private. So Information Gathering Using Domain Name is easy, right?

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