Windows 7 Password Cracking

Cain & Abel is a one of the password recovery tool for Windows OS. Windows 7 Password Cracking using Cain & Abel is quite easy because Cain & Abel is a famous tool for network administrators and penetration testers on Windows environment. There are many way for Windows 7 Password Cracking, by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary, Brute-Force, and etc. You can download Cain & Abel from

After download the installer now install the software and launch it. The first thing we have do is configure the network card on it. You must know the MAC address of the network card. Open your CMD prompt and then type “ipconfig /all”. It will show the network card information. Determine the MAC address of the desired network card. Now open Cain & Abel and open Configure menu then select the desired network interface card.

windows 7 password cracking

Windows 7 Password Cracking
When Cain captures some LM and NTLM hashes passwords, Cain sends them to the Cracker tab automatically.  Here is how to import the SAM file:

And here are the NTLM and LM hashes that appears

Choose the Windows 7 password cracking techniques. In this tutorial we will use Cryptanalysis attack (Using Rainbow Table). 

Cryptanalysis attack needs Rainbow Table. There are many rainbow tables already available on the internet but Cain & Abel comes with a tool that create the rainbow tables, it’s called winrtgen, which is located in C:/Program Files/Cain/Winrtgen

Now choose the hash algorithm, the minimum and maximum length of password, and finally the charset that the password will use.

Windows 7 password cracking using Cain & Abel is quite easy, isn’t it?

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