More Things to Know About Penetration Testing

The ultimate goal of the penetration testing is to find out all available security vulnerabilities on the system that is tested. Something is considered as vulnerability of the system whenever this thing could increase the possibility of any attacker to attack the security of the system and then gain access to the control of the system itself. The control of the system in a particular organization or group should never be obtained by anyone else but the owner or administrator for the safety of the organization. Most common things that are considered as the vulnerabilities of the system are software bugs, system design flaws, and also system configuration errors. These things could be more powerful threat to the system when they are all combined. Thus the testing penetration is needed to prevent such vulnerabilities to disturb the system.

People might have just wondering then about whom or what should conduct this penetration testing. Since the threats of the network or computer system are so many, almost any of you using computer or network system based should perform this particular type of testing. Nevertheless there are four most common ideas of the one that should perform the testing. First is the one of the organization or industry that has regulated data types. This usually the one deal with financial services such as credit-card data. Second is the one which is a product vendor with regulated client or customer. One example of this is a developer of web.

Third is the one that the systems have been hacked before and find out that the effect of the hack is terrible. Fourth is the one that simply think it would be better to test the security of the system before bad thing happen to the system itself. Those are four common ideas in relation to whom or what should perform this penetration testing.

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