What is Penetration Testing?

The penetration testing is a particularly known method of computer and network security evaluation. Generally this testing is done by giving a simulation of attack on the computer or network that is tested. This particular method of testing the security of computer or network is known to be the oldest method used since the 1970s. The Department of Defense performed this particular testing in the 1970 in order to describe the weaknesses in the computer system at that time. Thus after the weaknesses described, the Department of Defense initiated the development of more secure computer systems thanks to the testing penetration.

The penetration testing involves the analysis of the computer system from any possible vulnerability available. These vulnerabilities could be caused by poor system configuration, hardware or software flaws, or technical countermeasures as well. This particular analysis is carried out of the possible attacker position which could involve more exploitation of the security vulnerabilities of the computer or the network.

The result of this testing then would be presented to the owner of the tested systems. The result of the test that is presented to the owner will have the security issues on it along with the effect of those issues to the organization using the system. The best solution for the issues is also stated on the result as well.

Once the owner of the computer or network system given the result of this particular testing, it is fully the owner’s rights to decide what to do the next. This testing is very widely used by many organizations to make sure that their computer or network system is safe before publicly exposed. Thus it is important for any new organization using computer or network on its operation to have the penetration testing first before doing any of its operation.

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