Worst Penetration Testing Tools

There are so many different penetration testing tools available to use some of which could even be considered as the worst. Just like guns that would he bad if it is used by wrong people, the tools for such penetration testing could be bad as well if it is misused by certain people. Therefore this list of the worst ever tools for the penetration testing [procedure comes up. The first one on the list is the one called as SATAN.

This tool has been available since 1995 that has a kind of bad name as well. SATAN stands for Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks. It was designed to automate the procedure of testing vulnerabilities of such systems by the administrators of the systems itself. SATAN could obtain very large information related to the network such as the connected hosts, connected subnets, types of machines used, and also services offered as well.

Second, on the list of the worst, penetration testing tools is the one named SHODAN. This particular tool is actually a search engine that has a capability to search for such computers on a particular network on a server or router. Basically SHODAN could easily gather any available data that are publicly available which could be used to plan an attack as done by such penetration tester. Yet the homepage of this tool simply described this tool as a public port scan directory or even a search engine for banners.

The third on the list of the worst tools of penetration testing is PunkSPIDER of the PunkSCAN. This is a vulnerability search engine that is powered by the PunkSCAN. Thus by using this tool, any of you could easily find vulnerabilities on such system that could be attacked. These penetration testing tools would definitely not be good if uses by wrong people.

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