Kali Linux on Virtual Box

The Kali Linux can be used also on Virtual Box. There are some steps and also instructions that you have to follow in order to be able to install this Linux distribution correctly on the Virtual Box. First thing that is needed is the Linux Guest Addition tools to be able to use this Linux distribution on the Virtual Box. The Virtual Box that can be used should be version 4.2 or higher. The need of version 4.2 or higher of the Virtual Box will guarantee that you could get all of the improvements and advantages of the latest available updates on the main Virtual Box application as well as the Guest Addition tools itself. Put simply you will gate the maximum functionality of the Linux Kali.

Kali Linux on Virtual BoxThe Guest Addition of the Virtual Box is very much needed to get the best integration of mouse and screen plus the availability of folder sharing with the system host. You will have to boot into the virtual machine of this Kali Linux then type a particular command to do so. After that you would have to attach the CD-rom of Guest Additions tools by select the devices menu from the Virtual Box then select install Guest Additions. This will right away install the Guest Addition tools on the Virtual Box. Once the process is done you would have to reboot the computer to finish the installation process. Next thing to do is creating shared folders in the host system. Open the Virtual Box manager then select the shared folders link at the right window. This will show a new window of adding shared folders. Specify the path of the folder then select auto-mount and also make permanent options available there s well. Simply click OK button to finish the process and your shared folder is available and ready to use along with Kali Linux.

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