How to Fix Backtrack 5 Sound Bug

If you are using Backtrack 5 and your sound adapter has some problem, like your sound too slow or something, it's the common issue after blank screen on Backtrack 5. But don't worry, this issue / bug can be fixed with simple step. if you use Backtrack 5 GNOME here is the solution.
Open Startup Application on System > Preferences > Startup Application.
Then fill the form with this

Name : Pulseaudio daemon
Command :/usr/bin/pulseaudio
Comment : Start the sound daemon

So it will be like this

Save and reboot your Backtrack

4 Responses to "How to Fix Backtrack 5 Sound Bug"

  1. i cant thank you enough for this , its been 3 months since ive been searching for fix , my netbook samsung N150 had the sound correctly working 100% but i cant change the volume levels and whenever i open the sound preferences it hangs , and this fixed the damn thing , Sir you are savior :) , now if you only have a fix for my brightness issue i would be thankful as i cant change the brightness on the intel 3150

  2. i can't find System > Preferences > Startup Application.
    i don't have it in my task and i can't add it i don't know how add it
    can u show me plz how i can add application places and system on my task bar plz

  3. it is not working for me
    what can i do