Linux Basic Command on Backtrack 5 R3

Backtrack 5 R3 is one of the Linux operating system so we can operate Backtrack with Linux common command. Learning Linux operating system is very easy and you must familiar with the unix commands if you want use Backtrack 5 R3. Here I am post some common Linux commands which will be used on Backtrack 5.

Used to listing the files in a directory

ls /usr/local/bin
Used to listing the files in a specific directory (/usr/local/bin)

Displaying the contents of a file
cat filename.txt

Changing the directories
cd /var/tmp

Creating new file
touch filename.txt

Copying file
cp /source/file/dir/filename /target/file/dir/filename

Creating a directory.
mkdir directoryname

Renaming file
mv oldfile.txt newfile.txt

Moving file
mv file.txt target/dir/

Finding the number of lines in a file
wc logfile.txt

Showing your active dir

Removing file
rm file name

If you want more information about basic command in Backtrack you can read my previous article about Backtrack 5 common command or Basic command for installing package and for information or a tutorial on Linux namespaces, please check out this article by Toptal

2 Responses to "Linux Basic Command on Backtrack 5 R3"

  1. applications in backtrack 5 r3 are not responding to commands such as-s,-h and other commands....any help?

    1. I think all of Linux command are like above, are you sure type it correctly? :-)