Backtrack 5 R3 New Tools List

After Backtrack 5 R3 released on Aug 13th, Backtrack 5 R3 brings new additional tools. Some of the new tools were released as part of presentations at the recent Black Hat and DEFCON conferences. Backtrack 5 R3 has also added a completely new category of software, it's called "physical exploitation" that includes libraries and an IDE for the Arduino and the Kautilya toolkit  which provides payloads for the Teensy USB development board .Here are the list of new additional tools of Backtrack 5 R3 so you can compare it to previous version (Backtrack 5 R2).

Identify Live Hosts:
dnmap – Distributed NMap
address6 (The Second “Alive6″ entry) – IPV6 address conversion

Information Gathering Analysis
Jigsaw – Grabs information about company employees
Uberharvest – E-mail harvester
sslcaudit – SSL Cert audit
VoIP honey – VoIP Honeypot
urlcrazy – Detects URL typos used in typo squatting, url hijacking, phishing

Web Crawlers
Apache_users – Apache username enumerator
Deblaze – Performs enumeration & interrogation against Flash remote end points

Database Analysis
Tnscmd10g – Allows you to inject commands into Oracle
BBQSQL – Blind SQL injection toolkit

Bluetooth Analysis
Blueranger – Uses link quality to locate Bluetooth devices

Vulnerability Assesment
Lynis – Scans systems & software for security issues
DotDotPwn – Directory Traversal fuzzer

Exploitation Tools
Netgear-telnetable – Enables Telnet console on Netgear devices
Termineter – Smart Meter tester
Htexploit – Tool to bypass standard directory protection
Jboss-Autopwn – Deploys JSP shell on target JBoss servers
Websploit – Scans & analyses remote systems for vulnerabilities

Wireless Exploitation Tools
Bluepot – Bluetooth honeypot
Spooftooph – Spoofs or clones Bluetooth devices
Fern-Wifi-cracker – Gui for testing Wireless encryption strength
Wi-fihoney – Creates fake APs using all encryption and monitors with Airodump
Wifite – Automated wireless auditor

A Bunch of Password Tools

Thanks to CyberArms for sharing the new tools list of backtrack

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