HackAdemy, FREE eLearning Platform

HackAdemy is a free, eLearning platform specializing in InfoSec courses. People can learn or teach others about security. We will get live courses and hands on methods for free at no cost. HackAdemy is a place about online security using principles of Open Knowledge.

There are three criteria of courses on HackAdemy. There are Free of charge, Free to distribute and Hands on only. HackAdemy useing KISS methods (Keep It Simple Silly) so there are 3 main course categories: Hack a Server, PenTest, and of course Show Off.

On Hack a Server category we’ll have courses that are related with the platform. Teachers will taught how to use HaS platform whether you are a Web Applications Developer, Sys Admin, CTO or a pentester.

PenTest category is about learning new methods and improves the skills as a pentester. System administrators and web developers should pay attention to this course :-).

And last but not least, Show Off is about you as an InfoSec specialist or researcher can have your own live classroom.

So who are the teachers?
- Basically anyone who can prove that has strong background and skills about InfoSec.
-Any company who have training courses about security certification.

And who are HackAdemy students?

- Students from CS faculties that are interested in InfoSec industry.
- People who are in love with hacking.
- System administrators (to improve their security skills both defensive and offensive security).
- Web application developers (to find out how to avoid vulnerabilities).
- Anyone who wants to become ethical hacker.

For more information you can find on
HackAdemy will start on October 10th so if you are interested to take our courses, you can start registered on HackAdemy

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