How to Protect Facebook Account from Hacker

Believe or not thousands of Facebook accounts being hacked every day but only some people that aware about this. Some Facebook user don't care about this case and they do nothing to protect their Facebook account. Actually, Facebook provides secure options to their user to secure their account because their account have data information about user him self. Not only secure options, Facebook also provide privacy option. If you won't your Facebook account being hacked, follow this step below.

1. Use secure connection / HTTPS connection
Https is the secure version of HTTP. It's best secure way to access any site on web. Your data will be as secure as the information sent is encrypted so it is difficult for hackers to hack your password. There is no fake login site using https so if you want login to Facebook type in address bar. With HTTPS secure connection hacker also can't "sniff" you if you are in a public network (wireless).

2. Turn on secure browsing
If you are login to Facebook using http connection you will get http connection from Facebook when using Facebook. So it's mean somebody can "sniff" you because you aren't in a secure connection. To avoid this, turn on secure browsing feature. To do this go to Account Setting >> Security >> Edit the Secure Browsing to Enable

3. Turn on Login Notifications
With this feature you will get notification from Facebook when there is a login activity from unrecognized device so you can approve it or reject it. The notification will sent to your email or your phone. To enable this go to Account Setting >> Security >> Edit the Login Notification to Enable

4. Enable the Login Approvals

If you activated this feature you will asked to enter secret PIN number which send to your mobile phone every time you login into Facebook. Only matched PIN will allows to access the account. If someone else tries to log into your Facebook account on an "unrecognized" device, they’ll get form to enter a secret PIN number so no code, no entry.

5. Use strong password
Use characters, letters, numbers, and symbols to make strong password. Avoid using easy-to-guess words or some information that about you (like your birth date, pet name, wife name, etc)

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