How to Install Backtrack 5 Dual Boot

Dual-boot is a technique that one computer can installed by multiple OS. So you can install backtrack 5 with another operating system, such as Windows 7, MacOs, or Linux too. You can choose the operating system  when computer booting. Multi-booting require a custom boot loader. The different of installing backtrack 5 virtualbox and installing backtrack 5 dual boot is when using virtualbox or virtual machine your Backtrack 5 run under other OS so the computer resource will be limited but when you install backtrack 5 dual boot, your Backtrack run standalone so your computer resource will be use it's self. So how to install Backtrack 5 dual boot?

How to Install Backtrack 5?

1. Before you install Backtrack 5 you must have Backtrack 5 live USB. Read my post before about How to Make Backtrack 5 Live

2. After that boot your Backtrack Live and now you will see a welcome window
Install Backtrack 5

3. Click Forward and you will see location window. Choose your location and click forward.
Install Backtrack 5

4. Choose your keyboard layout and then Forward
Install Backtrack 5

5. Now is the most important and dangerous step. You will be asked what partition the Backtrack 5 will be install. For simple solution, choose "Install them side by side, choosing between them each startup"
Install Backtrack 5

6. Wait for a minute and you will see a confirmation window to reboot your Backtrack.

Install Backtrack 5

That's all. The step by step install Backtrack 5 is completed. Now you can run Backtrack 5 dual boot with Windows 7

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