BackTrack, One of the Best Penetration Testing Tools

The BackTrack of the Linux is one of the best known penetration testing tools available. Basically this BackTrack is called as distro which means a brand or a type of Linux. The BackTrack of Linux is designed to meet the demands of people in doing the penetration testing for any network or computer security system. This particular tool for the penetration testing could also your one-stop source for penetration testing learning as well. The Linux BackTrack is very suitable for the penetration testers as well as enthusiasts of computer or network system security. There are so many different tools that are preloaded on the BackTrack that are ready to use just as you installed the BackTrack. One best thing of this testing penetration tools is that it is free to use.

You can look for the BackTrack latest version which is the BackTrack 5 R1 on the internet and download it right away for it is free software. There are two different types of BackTrack available that you could choose when you are going to download it. You can choose to download this penetration testing tools on ISO format or VMWare format. Both of them are image format that will need to be handled differently to e able to use later on. If you choose to download the ISO version of the BackTrack, then you will need to burn it on a DVD first just before using it on your computer. Make sure to change the BIOS setting so that the optical drive is the first boot priority. Then place the DVD of the Backtrack on it to use it.
On the other hand, to use the VMWare version of the BackTrack you will need to have the VMWare player. Just install the VMWare player and then open it to load the VMWare image of the BackTrack to use it. It is considered the best since the penetration testing tools are preloaded and ready to use right away.

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