Best Penetration Testing Tools

In doing the penetration testing there are penetration testing tools needed to make sure that the process is done smoothly and giving the best possible result out of it. There are so many available tools for this testing that you could choose to perform the testing procedure. Among those many tools available, there are some of the best tools that you can find on this article. The first one is the Acunetix which is available for you in free version and also paid version. This particular security testing tool has a client script engine analyzer that will generate very detailed security vulnerabilities and issues report. The latest version is version 8 that has new HTTP Denial of Service test module.

Second best penetration testing tools is the Aircrack-ng that offers you many tools to maximize the penetration testing that you are going to do. The tools provided by Aircrack-ng include airdecap-ng, airmon-ng, aireplay-ng, airtun-ng, airodump-ng, and a couple more. Each one of the tool will have different functionality with other tools. This Aircrak-ng has free security tool called as GUI interface just as many other tools for the penetration test.

Third tools of penetration testing that is considered being the best is the Cain & Abel or it often called simply as Cain. This one is mainly known as the tool to recover any password. The penetration tester could recover any password by getting into the network and cracking such encrypted password on the system. Although it is considered as the best tool for penetration testing this one is also known to have a script-kiddie characteristic as well. Getting the best tools in any activity is important to maximize the result. Therefore in conducting the penetration testing, you should consider choosing one of these best penetration testing tools to get the best result of the testing procedure.

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