Ethical Hacker-The One Who Do the Ethical Hacking

Internet network is a network which is most widely used by people today. Internet can be used and utilized for a variety of things, such as establish connectivity with other people in different places, visiting websites which you want to visit. In other words, if you want to visit your favorite website, you can simply plug in a computer, laptop or gadget with the internet, and then you can visit the site with ease. In fact, several government agencies already use the online system to serve the visitors that agency. In addition, the government also started storing the data or their important documents in digital data storage that requires the internet as a means of storage. This makes the government should go the extra mile in keeping the important data and documents that cannot be hacked by hacker. In this case, the data must be stored in such a way so that no data theft or destruction. If there is damage to the data, then we need ethical hackers to fix it. Ethical hackers usually do the ethical hacking to solve this problem.

Ethical hacker is someone you trust and is authorized to open a certain network system in order to improve the network in case of damage. The hackers deliberately authorized by the government to break down one of the network for a particular purpose. Those people are trusted by the government to do the ethical hacking because it has the ability to repair tissue, as well as to break down the network.

In breaking and repairing the network by ethical hacking, an ethical hacker does some steps as the first step in the process of improving the system. It is intended that the system is not getting damaged repaired. This is also a certified hacker is someone who works for a government official, so the hacker already has provisions in repairing damaged tissue.

Different from the illegal hacker, an ethical hacker does not do the illegal hacking. They always do the ethical hacking because they have been permitted by the government. Usually an illegal hacker has a purpose to break down and destroy the system on a particular network. The person usually does not have permission from the government to break down the network, so the hackers are often referred to as an illegal hacker. Damaged tissue usually is the work of illegal hackers, so the role of the licensed hacker is vital in repair it and maintain a certain network system.

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