The White Hat Hacker (Ethical Hacking) and the Black One (Criminal Hacking)

Talking about the internet, we certainly familiar to hear what ordinary people call hackers. Yes, a hacker is someone who has the expertise to perform penetration of a particular system. They can damage and repair system in accordance with their own objectives. The term itself is a hacker term for experts or people who do the hacking. This hacking activities performed by one or several people who have a specific purpose in penetrating the system. In this case, we will know the term white hat hackers and black hat hackers. White hat hackers are those who do ethical hacking, while black hat hackers are those who do the hacking for criminal.

After knowing about the two types of hackers, now we will discuss about what they are doing in hacking activities. Talking about white hat hacker, things we need to know is the role and purpose of the hacker. White hack hacker is a person conducting hacking for the purpose of what we know it with ethical hacking. Ethical white hat hackers do hacking to open and repair certain system if there is damage. Therefore, white hat hackers have a positive role in conducting ethical hacking.

On the other hand, we also know the term black hat hackers. Black hat hackers are the ones who do the hacking for criminal purposes. They usually aim to destroy and break down a particular system. Black hat hackers do not aim to do ethical hacking, but they do the criminal hacking. These hackers are the enemy of the white hat hacker. Therefore, we need to be careful in storing the data on an online system.

In conclusion, there are two types of hackers who need to know the role and purpose. The first is a white hat hacker. This hacker is a hacker who performs ethical hacking for the purpose of fixing a broken system while the second is a black hat hacker. This is the enemy of hackers of white hat hacker, they did hacking crime that aims to destroy and break down a particular system.

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