Ethical Hacking to Protect the Country’s System Security

As everyone knows that hacking is an activity in which a person or a few people into a particular system that has been maintained by several computer security. The hacking activity has become common for some people who are happy to deal with the internet. Sometimes, some people do hacking just for entertainment.  On the other hand, there are some people who do the hacking for a particular purpose. Hacking activities are often familiar with the term ethical hacking and criminal hacking.

For some people, the term ethical hacking may sound a bit strange, but some people have heard the term ethical hacking. In some countries, one even has to get permission to do ethical hacking. It was given to them because they have a purpose that supports the government's performance. Some of these hackers are paid by the government to carry out specific tasks related to hacking. Of course, there are steps and methods that are run by these hackers.

The ethical hacking hackers is he or she who often known as white hat hackers. They are the good hackers who accidentally paid by the government to conduct ethical hacking. Even, white hat hackers are usually formed a team to conduct the country's security from the bad hackers. Some of them are deliberately to white hat hackers because they are paid by the government. Working to be a hacker is a rare but promising work. One must go through a process to be able to be a hacker, especially the white hat hacker.

Based on that information, we need to know how a hacker works. Whether they are working with a good goal or not, we know it from the way and their aim to be a hacker. The white hat hacker is a hacker who has permission to do ethical hacking, while the black one does not have a permit for it.

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