Help and Support for Kali Linux

In relation to the use of Kali Linux, there are available supports for it just in case there are problems or difficulties occurred. Any of you using this particular Linux distribution and encounter some problems or difficulties could reach some of these channels available on his article. The first one is the IRC Channel for this Linux distribution. This is the official channel that you can find on the Freenode network by searching for #kali-Linux on it. There are rules and also guidelines as well on this channel that you have to pay attention to. Just make sure to follow these rules and also guidelines of this channel to be able to get help on it.

Help and Support for Kali LinuxAnother place where you can get help or supports related to your use of Kali Linux is on its official Mirrors. There are three available repositories that you could use to reach the Mirrors which are,, and also Simply use one of them to get to the closest Mirrors to you to get any help that you might need in relation to the use of this Linux Kali. There are requirements needed to be able to use the official Mirrors including a lot of HDD space, SSH server, good bandwidth of the internet connection as well. Without fulfilling those requirements you would not be able to access the official Mirrors. Moreover there is also Community Forums of this particular Linux distribution as well. You will have to register first to the forums before you could interact with other members to get helps and supports. There are quite a lot of rules on the forums that you have to pay attention to as well. Those are all the best places that you could reach to get helps and supports related to the use of Kali Linux.

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