The Development of Kali Linux

The development of the Kali Linux is very good until today. The very basic thing that is used to create this new type of Linux distribution is the BackTrack Linux. It was approximately 8 years ago that the very first version of the Backtrack Linux was created. There have always been a set of wish list made by the development team of BackTrack Linux each time the new version is going to be created. This is very much needed to make sure that the new version of the BackTrack Linux is really what the team wants to create. Thus so far, this strategy has been in a great success that there are many people using the BackTrack since it could really accommodate all of their needs related to the penetration testing.

kali linux development
Furthermore, after an exhilarating development of the Linux BackTrack, there is an idea to create a whole new level of BackTrack to replace the old version. This is when the idea of creating Kali Linux came up. Basically there is a clear thought just at the time the development team created their wish list for the next version of BackTrack which should be the BackTrack version 6. One thing that comes to their mind is to do a massive restructure to the previous version. Thus the development team of soon realized that start fresh is much easier than modifying the old version. Then the team starts to develop the Linux Kali using the previous version of the BackTrack only as the basic idea. By starting a fresh development they do not have to deal with such Debian standards and also policies. Since the basic of this so called Kali Linux is BackTrack, users should only find a little difference in the terms of interface to the BackTrack which is good.

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