What is Kali Linux?

The so called Kali Linux is a kind of distribution of Linux that is Debian-derived. This particular type of Linux distribution is created specifically for penetration testing and also digital forensics need. This particular type of Linux distribution is funded and maintained by the Offensive Security Ltd. There are two people of the Offensive Security Ltd who are in charge of the development of this particular Linux distribution named Devon Kearns and also Mati Aharoni. Both of them are simply rewriting the BackTrack Linux which is the previous version of Linux for forensics to create Linux Kali as the new forensic Linux version. There are two different types of this Linux distribution which are the 32-bit and also 64-bit version. Both of them could be used on an x86 instruction set hosts based. It can also be used as an image version for ARM architecture to be used on Raspberry Pi computers and ARM Chromebook of Samsung.
what is kali linux
Just as many other versions of Linux that are usually come with many preinstalled software or programs, this Kali Linux are the same. There are a bunch of programs or software related to the penetration testing and also digital forensics need. This would be very useful for any of you because you do not have to find additional software or programs. Jut installs this Linux and you will be able to use it right away. There would be nmap, Wireshark, Aircrack-ng, and also Wireshark as the examples of the programs available on this Linux distribution. Each one of those examples is the best on its field of course. The nmap is a port scanner, John the Ripper is a password cracker, while Wireshark is an analyzer packet. This Linux distribution could be used from a live CD, live USB, or even a hard disk. Kali Linux is a platform suitable and supported by the Metasploit Project's Framework.

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