How to Solve WICD Network Manager Error on Backtrack 5

WICD Network Manager is a network manager in Backtrack (KDE). If you want to use your wireless adapter and open WICD you will get error like this "Could not connect to Wicd's D-Bus interface. Check the wicd log for error messages". Don't worry, it's not a fatal error. You can still use your wireless adapter with WICD. But I think this error little bit annoying, ringht? So here is the solution how to solve the WICD Network Manager error.

First open your terminal and reconfigure WICD with this command

dpkg-reconfigure wicd
update-rc.d wicd defaults

Reboot your Backtrack and the error should not occur anymore ;-)

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  1. hye u know how to install alfa awus036nhr on backtrack 5r3 with fully work on internet connection???