Install Backtrack on Android Tablet

Backtrack 5 comes with a major update with new interface, tools, and architecture (ARM architecture). So we can install Backtrack on Android tablet. With ARM architecture, it's possible to run Backtrack on a ARM machine such as mobiles or tablets. This is real revolution. We have penetration arsenal on our tablet, i'ts seems legit, right? But you must remember that all of the Backtrack tools can't work perfectly on your device because the mobile or tablet device not optimize for Backtrack.

Install Backtrack on Android Tablet

Now prepare the tools and device to install Backtrack on Android tablet.

1. Backtrack 5 ARM.
Download Backtrack 5 ARM from Backtrack official site. Backtrack with ARM architecture only on Backtrack 5 version. ARM architecture not available for Backtrack 5 R1, Backtrack 5 R2, and Backtrack 5 R3.

2. Rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1
Why rooted Galaxy Tab? Because we need install some application that need Android to be root :-)
Install Backtrack on Galaxy Tab

3. Busybox, Superuser, Terminal Emulator, and AndroidVNC.
You can download search and all of them on Google Play. BusyBox is installer and uninstaller Android program, Superuser is superuser rights manager for Android, Terminal Emulator is Android's built-in Linux command line shell program, and AndroidVNC is a VNC viewer for Android.

How to Install Backtrack on Android Tablet?

1. Extract BT5-GNOME-ARM.7z to folder, for example "BT5" folder and then put on Galaxy Tab root directory.

2. Open Terminal Emulator on Galaxy Tab then go to BT5 folder with command prompt. Here the command
cd sdcard/BT5
Install Backtrack on Android Tablet 1

Install Backtrack on Android Tablet 2

3. Then run this following command and you will se root@localhost :-)
sh bootbt

Install Backtrack on Android Tablet 3

4. Now lets run Backtrack GUI with VNC viewer

5. To connect wth VNC we must know the port where VNC listening. Run netstat -anpt and remember the port where VNC listening. In this case the port is 5901

Install Backtrack on Android Tablet 4

6. Open AndroidVNC and fill the form like this:
Nickname : BT5
Password : toortoor
Address :
Port : 5901
Install Backtrack on Android Tablet 5

Install Backtrack on Android Tablet 6

7. Connect it and you will see Backtrack 5 interface :-)

Install Backtrack on Android Tablet 7

Install Backtrack on Android Tablet 8

Remember! Some of the Backtrack tools can't work properly and do it for your own risk. I hope you can Install Backtrack on Android tablet without any problems, tell me if you get problems.


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  1. I installed it on my tablet but when ever I open termenal it ask for a password,its not to or or toortoor...

    1. Sorry Thomas but the default password vnc server is toortoor

    2. Open Terminal
      type vncpasswd and press enter
      it will ask for new password
      type new password
      and then will ask for re-type and then u can use that password

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  4. can i install aditional penetration software on this...i mean reaver specially

    1. If you remastering your Backtrack ISO and add the additional penetration software the answer is Yes :-)

  5. Pls help me, after I followed the instruction no. 3 (1. su 2. sh bootbt)and
    what I get was

    bootbt[1]: cut: not found

  6. does this work on nexus 7 android 4.2 ?

  7. it get still on "connecting... establishing handshake pls wait...."

  8. Hello sir, its asking for loop...
    Which kernal supports loop for samsung galaxy tab 10.1 3g (gt-p7500).

  9. Need kernal for loop support on galaxy 10.1 3g tab
    gt-p7500 --- tab model.

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  11. Simple and clear. Good work.

  12. Simple and clear. Good work.

  13. Galaxy Tab2 rooted 4.1.1 kernel 3.0.31
    give after
    bt5#sh bootbt
    Unknown id:sh
    what wrong ?

    1. open any linux copy "sh" /bin/ directory
      and copy "sh" to /bin/ of your linux

  14. Hi, I just don't know how to store the *.img file in my smartphone's memory. It's over 5Gb for capacitor of FAT32 is 4Gb.

    1. mount smartphone's memory card to windows machine and type following command in cmd

      convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs
      eg: convert D: /fs:ntfs

      It will convert to ntfs and will not delete any data on ur memory

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  16. cut: not found
    [: not found
    mknod /dev/loop2: File exists
    mount: mounting /sdcard/bt5/bt5.img on data/local/mnt failed: No such file or directory

  17. I have a Sony Xperia T
    My cell phone always restarts itself.
    Restarts after finishing in point 3

    Can anyone advise me?

  18. Hello everyone.

    I have a cell phone Sony Xperia T.
    In Section 3, I automatically restarts phone.

    Backtrack and can not start.
    Can anyone advise me?
    I have a min. 3-4 gigabytes of free space on your mobile phone.
    Ram 1GB Processor 1.5 gigabytes 2-core.

  19. How get bootbt and 4 other files please :-D

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