Installing Cuda on Backtrack

If you want your CPU performance increase, you can try CUDA. You must install CUDA on Backtrack. Installing CUDA on Backtrack can increase your CPU performance. CUDA is a parallel computing platform and programming model. It's created by NVIDIA so you must have NVIDIA graphic card if you want use CUDA. NVIDIA GPUs implement the CUDA architecture and programming model. CUDA increases the CPU computing performance by harnessing the power of GPU. Here is the CUDA installation on Backtrack but if you use another Unix OS, Ubuntu for example, you can install cuda Ubuntu too.

First you must prepare Backtrack kernel source for NVIDIA driver installation

Then change your directory to /usr/src/linux and copy all file on include/generated/ to include/linux/
cd /usr/src/linux
cp -rf include/generated/* include/linux/

Now download NVIDIA drivers. The drivers according to your CPU architecture.
32 bit:

64 bit:

Run the Nvidia driver installer, but you must log out from X session first. Then, download the CUDA toolkit. The toolkit according to your CPU architecture.
32 bit

64 bit

You need to configure the Backtrack environment variables and ideally CUDA was installed in /opt. This is for nvcc command, because if you don't configure the environment variables the nvcc command won't work. You can do this by add this lines in your /root/.bashrc file.
export PATH

Then run this command
source /root/.bashrc

Now check that nvcc compiler was installed with run this two command
which nvcc
nvcc -V

After Nvidia driver and CUDA toolkit are completely installed, we can test with pyrit, a GPU powered tool.
svn checkout pyrit
cd pyrit/pyrit && python build && python install
cd ../../
cd pyrit/cpyrit_cuda && python build && python install

Then run a benchmark
pyrit benchmark

Ok that's all. the CUDA installation was completed. Next time I'll post about install CUDA Ubuntu. Installing CUDA on Ubuntu will be easy like this :-)

2 Responses to "Installing Cuda on Backtrack"

  1. Thanks for the tut, I got as far as logging out of X, you didn't mention whats the command for running the *.run file, later I found out it is 'sh' , Nvidia said that Nevaeu driver has to be disabled, I have no idea how.
    My hardware is GeForce GO 7900GS I am not sure if they actually support CUDA, am I wasting my time ? thank you

  2. I know this is an old thread but would appreciate some help.

    I'm new to linux so dont know too much about installing drivers and that.

    Here's the setup:

    Backtrack 5 R3 64Bit KDE installed to 3TB internal HDD

    ASUS ASUS P8z77 V LX
    Intel i7 2700k
    16GB RAM
    3TB WD HDD
    Nvidia Geforce 540

    The only internet access I have is a flakey BTWiFi hotspot that often drops out or my phone, so when trying to use "apt-get" for anything I always get a timeout error.

    I have spent the past 4 days trying all different tutorials to get the NVIDIA drivers installed but to no avail and i am so close to just smashing sh*t up! -_-

    I basically want to use CUDA to increase brute forcing on a captured handshake.
    I have a 1.75TB wordlist to get through and from what i have read it would benefit me a lot to utilize this.

    I cannot run the driver installer because of the nouveau driver.

    So i tried dissabling it using "echo options nouveau modeset=0 | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau-kms.conf"

    But I get a "no such file or directory" error.

    A good step by step guide would be greatly appreciated to try and get this sorted out.